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Sunny days make me so happy..MAR 14, 2019

I never know how much a sunny day could make me so excited. I become a kid and imagine how much creative opportunities, mishaps and chances I’m willing to take with art.

Printing on a cloudy day..MAR 11, 2019

The weather in Arizona this winter has been cloudy, raining and even snowy. It’s hard to do work when my process relies heavily on the sun. Yesterday I spent the morning preparing my paper...

Germany here I come..FEB 15, 2019

Last December I received an email to participate in a 14 week tour throughout Germany. After many nights and weekends of planning and printing out my prints this weekend I was able to photography them.

Solar plate

The method of solar plate printmaking is my favorite. I get to combine photography and printmaking to create prints. The best part of this process is I need to create a plate is time, sun and water...


I enjoy using the process of cyanotype because I never know how the chemical reaction will transform my photographs.


Monotype prints are created from a drawing, stencils, plants, or any other type materials that is placed on plexiglass or glass. This is a technique that can be printed on a press or by hand. 

Linocut & Woodcut

I got into wood block printmaking after taking a weekend class. I like the process of having my block printed on a printing press. The process is very intriguing...

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