• January 18, 2019 - It’s show time..


    Tonight is my show “The Wonders of Nature”. It will be showing the 3rd Friday, January 18, 2019 from 6-9 pm and 1st Friday, February 1, 2019 from 6-10 pm. I have to say this has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed talking with all the people who stop by.

    Craving a new linoleum plate, JAN 09, 2019
    Starting working on a new linoleum plate the other day. This one has been in the drawer for a while waiting for me to start craving. I’m glad I took it out for it is nice to be working on familiar material.

    Working with MDF board JAN 09, 2019
    I came across a printmaking lunar exhibit entry and thought I would try and create a print. After reviewing my design, purchasing the materials I set out to crave and print the image only to discover that I might have taken a little more on my plate than I had time for. I missed the submission deadline but have decided that I will continue on with the plate and print.

    MojoArt Images

    The print is to be on a 22×22 print with the lunar image in the center of the paper with only white space surrounding it. Lunar has to be 16′ in diameter. I had my image, but now I need to find my plate material. One can use several different types of wood for a wood craving such as Pine, Mable or Cherry. After looking at the cost I decided that I would try MDF board as it is cheaper and for my first time it would be fine to work with.

    I have not finished working on this yet but have taken the time to try out a smaller image on MDF board to see how easy or hard it is to carve and how it prints.

    Weekend of taking pictures, JAN 09, 2019
    Today I meet some friends for a chance to take some photos. It turned into a week full of being outdoors with my camera and friends. Tomorrow I will spend the day making a pin hole camera so that I can venture out on Sunday to participate in another photography event. Here are some pictures from today and you notice that a little friend decided to show up for a photo shoot.

    MojoArt Images


    The method of solar plate printmaking is my favorite. I get to combine photography and printmaking to create prints. The best part of this process is I need to create a plate is time, sun and water. Living in Arizona allows me to enjoy this method year-round.

    I have always loved the art of photography. One of the mediums in printmaking that I can combine my photos with is cyanotype or blueprint process. This method was created by John Herschel in 1842. He was an astronomer, trying to figure out a way to copy his notes. While participating in an internship this past summer in Whangarei, New Zealand, I was shown how to apply this concept to my work. Some of the prints here are from my time there, while others were developed over the last couple of months back in Arizona. I enjoy using the process of cyanotype because I never know how the chemical reaction will transform my photographs.

    MojoArt Images

    Monotype prints are created from a drawing, stencils, plants, or any other type materials that is placed on plexiglass or glass. This is a technique that can be printed on a press or by hand. I first learned about this technique when I was in college. Over the last two years I have been able to experiment with this modality in the fall and summer.

    Linocut, this process is fairly easy but you do have to be careful on cutting the linocut as it cuts like butter. I discovered this process in a summer class and I like the process of thinking through the outcome of the print. Cutting the plate to reveal a positive or navigate image is similar to capturing a photography.

    MojoArt Images

    I got into wood block printmaking after taking a weekend class. I like the process of having my block printed on a printing press. The process is very intriguing. Last summer I had the chance to do a two-color reduction print. This summer I read about a lunar print entry. The final print needed to be 22” in diameter and printed on a 22×22” sheet of paper. So, after many of nights trying to figure out what material to use I settled on a 22×22 block of MDF board. This has been a challenge but fun process and I hope to create some smaller craving on other types of wood such as holly, pear or maple.
    Mar 27, 2019
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