Linocut & Woodcut


Linocut, this process is fairly easy but you do have to be careful on cutting the linocut as it cuts like butter. I discovered this process in a summer class and I like the process of thinking through the outcome of the print. Cutting the plate to reveal a positive or navigate image is similar to capturing a photography.

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I got into wood block printmaking after taking a weekend class. I like the process of having my block printed on a printing press. The process is very intriguing. Last summer I had the chance to do a two-color reduction print. This summer I read about a lunar print entry. The final print needed to be 22” in diameter and printed on a 22×22” sheet of paper. So, after many of nights trying to figure out what material to use I settled on a 22×22 block of MDF board. This has been a challenge but fun process and I hope to create some smaller craving on other types of wood such as holly, pear or maple.