I first took a printmaking class while I was in college. In this class I was exposed to the process of dry point and etching. I loved the process of etching but it takes acid to burn the image into a cooper, steel or zinc plate. For this you need to have a well-ventilated room, which is way I cannot do this at home.

Several years passed and a friend talked me into taking a printmaking class that spoke of a new technique (solar printmaking) which burns an image into a steel plate with the use of ultra violet light, water and the sun. Perfect match for printmaking at home.

In my journey, I have fallen in love again with the medium of printmaking and have started taking more classes that have exposed me to old formats; drypoint, monoprints, solarplate and some new ones; collaging and pochoir. Below is photos of my work.

Categories of Printmaking

Solar plate (photopolymer)
Cyanotype (photographic)
Woodcut & Monoprint

So, some of the other methods I have tried in college or from classes are etching, drypoint, collage and pochoir. There is a old method that I have seen on Facebook and YouTube called sugar lift that I would like to try as well.