• Working with MDF board…


    I came across a printmaking lunar exhibit entry and thought I would try and create a print. After reviewing my design, purchasing the materials I set out to crave and print the image only to discover that I might have taken a little more on my plate than I had time for. I missed the submission deadline but have decided that I will continue on with the plate and print.

    The print is to be on a 22×22 print with the lunar image in the center of the paper with only white space surrounding it. Lunar has to be 16′ in diameter. I had my image, but now I need to find my plate material. One can use several different types of wood for a wood craving such as Pine, Mable or Cherry. After looking at the cost I decided that I would try MDF board as it is cheaper and for my first time it would be fine to work with.

    I have not finished working on this yet but have taken the time to try out a smaller image on MDF board to see how easy or hard it is to carve and how it prints.
    Jan 08, 2019
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